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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Response to TFB TV's "Why I Like Old Guns...".

While this blog is mostly about social and political issues (for supporters of  the right to keep and bear arms and armor and the right to self defense, look at the links to the right and click on the 3rd one), there are occasions where I would release trivia posts like this one.
While I'm not all that much into older firearms, however, older firearms may be good to have in some countries where older firearms or manual action long guns are less heavily restricted for civilians than newer or self-loading long guns. For example, let's say that I have an operative in Germany who's helping in starting the gun club wing of an organization I own (like the World's people against democide, which so far only exists on Google+), & they're able to get their hands on a "Yellow" firearms license. The 1st 2 firearms would be a organization approved bolt action rifle, & Thompson-contender pistol. Once every 6 months from then on, the holder of this license is required to get 2 more approved long guns by organization rule. My primary option would be the Ishapore 2A1 converted into a No 7 Jungle carbine, & I may even pick it over say, a Browning Maral becuase of the amount & type of rounds it holds, being 12 rounds of 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Winchester compared to 4 rounds of 7.62x51 NATO/.308 in the standard Browning Maral, or 10 rounds in the 30-06 version with extended magazine. Another advantage related to the magazine and reloading is that it can be reloaded from the top traditional style, unlike, say, a Southern Gun co bolt action AR-10/15, which cannot be loaded through the top with loose ammunition. Along with this, for a direct fighting weapon, I'd probably prefer "Traditional" profile stocks over stocks such as the "archangel" style just becuase the way it handles & points. While I wouldn't mind having a modded Remington 700, I don't know how well it would do for an average person getting into direct fights as opposed to picking off enemies at a distance. Back to real life, while I won't deny that these weapons are outdated to some extent, even if they lack advantages in terms of firepower & tacticality, they may make up for it in budget-friendliness and civilian legality.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to advocate breaking the law. If stories, books or movies can depict evil winning, and video games letting the player play as the bad guy, and no legal action is taken against them, why take action against me for talking about weapon legality in other countries?

Bonus (info from and; since Germany has "may issue" firearm permits, it would not be a good idea for members of my organization (if it exists in real life) to be required to have them to be in the organization (even if we are able to do things such as bribe firearms authorities to make them shall-issue for the law abiding) if we determine that it isn't de-facto shall issue or if the requirements aren't what foreighn units would call "Too strict" (since people who are convicted felons, have mental disorders or otherwise deemed "unrealiable", ie "people with drug or alcohol addiction histories and known violent or aggressive persons" are automatically barred from getting firearm permits. And interestingly enough, despite stricter laws, Germany has more guns per capita than some countries with less strict laws, such as New Zealand, the Czech republic, or Finland, and has only like 0.5 than Canada, which has mostly far less strict laws). Thus, we must make do with whatever else is legal.
In Germany, for instance, for no-permit-needed sidearms, we would issue gas pistols (the Walther PK380 in particular. Lookup "Walther PK380 gas pistol" yourself). For no-permit-needed long guns, we would issue flintlock rifles and shotguns. Specifically, for rifles, the Pedersoli 75 caliber flintlock ( would probably be issued, mainly for its caliber. For shotguns, the Middlesex village trading's double barrel flintlock (, though I would like to find a maufactuerer to make 10-gauge double-barrel instead of a 20-gauge. We would probably also have 75 caliber blunderbusses from various manufacturers (not sure what to settle on).
Pellet/bb rifles and pistols would be from various manufacturers.

I'm sure some people would say "Why not bribe the firearms authority people?", and good question. Well, it is risky becuase you also can easily get reported or otherwise caught. I probably wouldn't, becuase the organization that I would run are political and enemies to the Illuminati, international banks, mega corporations, etc, plus with the fact that we'll be dealing with real weapons, which both morally and legally carry heavy responsibilities, and in many countries, especially the latter. In short, smart people, it is up to your own discretion, depending on the situation with many variables. Not-so-smart people, refrain from doing it all together.

And I have made a separate article addressing this;

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