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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why isn't there & "Brown Lives Matter" movement & why I'm reluctant to support the "All Lives Matter" movement

(When you watch this video, watch the video that comes before it in the playlist and I recommend watching the rest of the playlist.)

I'm sure that all of you have heard about the black lives matter movement. Whenever a black person is killed under circumstances that are not perfectly clean-cut, Black Lives Matter comes along and protests their death.

However, as explained in the video above, not as many people seem to protest about people being killed in other parts of the world. I find it rather sad that if a black (or any race for that matter) person is killed, even if they're doing something wrong, BLM rolls around and protests, and included are collectivists who hate on all law enforcement agents and Caucasians. 
But, when hundreds of thousands of people get killed in artificially started wars in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc, there are not so many protests.

I feel that if it's not people's own racism and selfishness (which I feel plays a part in this), then it probably comes from the mainstream media, which, if you're paying attention, is absolutely terrible.

If there was any social-justice that members of the Black Lives Matter movement and much of the American socio-political left, then it would be for middle easterners (along with Africans and perhaps central Americans) who often had their nations and lives ruined by the actions of the powers that be.

Wrapping this up, I was once a supporter of the All Lives Matter movement. But, for reasons explained in the video below, my support for it took a backseat & fell by the wayside.


  1. I agree with what you're saying here. I think this blog was very articulate and insightful. Thank you for the read.


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