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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why do people dislike Ron Paul so much? The truth about Ron Paul exposed.

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Note: when you watch the video below, also watch at least the 1st 9 videos in the playlist.

Searching through the internet, the amount of stupidity I see is absolutely mortifying. One of the most amazing of all is how people attack Ron Paul, even when he's compared to other politicians. Other than explanations from the videos in the playlist linked above, let me tell you that I think about how people attack Ron Paul.

Long story short, I feel that many of them reject the truth, and absolutely resent whatever political truth people such as Ron Paul says becuase the information is "too hot" for the person's mind and/or psyche to handle and thus, come up with a simplistic excuse (rather it be subjective such as "zealot", or objective but wrong, such as "racist"), and run away from the debate becuase they are so used to getting spoonfed information by the mainstream media that they aren't mentally strong enough to handle "hot" information.

The same types of tactics can be seen is use against other truth people such as Ryan Dawson. Watch "Answer to a letter to Rys2sense", "Fake Skeptics & The "Conspiracy Theorist" Slur", "The 'Conspiracy Theorist' Fallacy", and Colion Noir: "Being Pro-Gun".

Usually, when people attack Ron Paul, they often say things like "He's an anti semite/doesn't support Israel", "He's a racist/bigot", "He's in the war against women", "He's an apologist for Muslims", "He doesn't stand for Christian values" or "He doesn't believe in evolution", or things like that.

As for the "racist/bigot", "apologist for Muslims", and "doesn't stand for Christian values" things, those are either debunked in the 1st video plus the playlist it's in shown in this article or challenged in the links. As for the "war against women", abortion is not a big issue in comparison to other ones that will be presented in this article, and as for not believing in evolution, how is it significant in politics?

I disagree with Ron Paul on religion, evolution and, last and definitely least, abortion, but it is not enough to undermine my strong and enthusiastic support for him.

Do you know what I think this is? I think of it as a sign of weakness, particulary because it's focusing on small issues. It seems like that they can't attack Paul on the real issues, becuase, for average people, it would hurt the looks of their intelligence and emotional control and expose their valuing of title, self-image and image to their group over real moral-ethical principle, and for politicians, expose how similar their policies actually are in comparison to their own enemies.

For this article's counter honorary mention, this callout would be to iluvobama on Tumblr, and this image:

Do you want to know what's worse than a bigot? A killer! Specifically, someone who intentionally (or negligently) kills for a non-defensive purpose. Barack Obama is pro-war, while Ron Paul is anti-war. Are people like the one I mentioned above even serious?

I find it hypocritical is that, if a black person was killed by a non-black, the left jump on the case and throw accusations of racism. But, if hundreds of thousands of brown people get killed, the left does act anti-war when a right-wing president is in office. But, when a left-wing president is in office, the left goes quiet, showing tribalism as opposed to serious values or principles. 

Since the individual's profile seems to not have publicly accessible content at the time this post was created, I wonder if they got so embarrassed that they practically shut down their profile, if they put their head under the sand after learning the hard, hot truth, both, and.or something else. If they're reading this and getting humiliated, good. These types of people need to learn a few lessons.

To me, a person who dislikes Ron Paul being exposed to this type of information is almost like a kid who goes into an "Youth intervention program" (ike what's on "Beyond scared straight"), going in thinking that they're tough, and coming out finding out that maybe they weren't quite as tough as they thought.
Similarly, the types of people who oppose Ron Paul or rejects hot truth in general come in to a debate with me thinking that I'm easy to beat, and in the end, run away and block me, delete their account, fail to reply, and/or something in that matter.
Any thoughts relating to this article and/or the issues this article addresses? Please say so in the comments below!

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