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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Perhaps my most ambitious project so far, why I'm going to start to make accounts on gun forums, plus my "threat level"

For awhile, I've thought about turning my Ultimate argument for the right to self defense & to keep & bear arms & armor into a video to get more views, convert more people and more attention on my YouTube channel and this blog. 

But, I've wondered how would I do this, since I have virtually no experience in creating videos on my own. I don't even really have a camera yet (except for a Samsung touchscreen that won't even upload videos), and I really want to make an impact in the gun debate for legal civilian arms and armor owners worldwide.

Now, here's my plan: create a Google docs slide, film it sliding through with a screen recording program, add some free music, and release it as a video for the world to see. I've started to create the document on March the 24th.

Right now, I am working on it. Here's the link to it: PLEASE comment on it, and make suggestions. The weekends the the coming spring break should give me an opportunity to do this.

By the way, I am seriously planning on creating accounts on gun forums because I am so sick and tired of large gun channels and popular gun people on the internet ignoring me when I present my ultimate argument and try to get them to share it. Perhaps the most well known allies I have are Counter Tyranny Ops and ProfessorDoom1. I will try to contact them to get them to at least look at my ultimate argument in hopes that they would share it.

Wrapping this up, as explained in the video below, software is at least being developed to determine people's threat level. My comment said "I think my threat score just might be off the charts.". To know why, just look at my internet network.

Thank you for reading.

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