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Sunday, April 3, 2016

100th post: A little setback to the slideshow for self-defense

Even though the slideshow version of my ultimate argument is on YouTube and is private for editing (, I found out the hard way that I can't find a way to add my own downloaded music to the video after it's been uploaded, so I have to delete it and start all over again. Even though it doesn't need re-filming, I'm deciding to do so anyway, as that the filming part is easy; only about 9 minutes long, the timing between slides should be better, and the music would be listed and rightful creator credited. The harder, and more frustrating part, is converting it into wmv format for YouTube to accept it, which is unbelievably frustrating. I got impatient today just over this alone.

As for the music, I wanted it to be "Requiem For A Dream" because to me, it felt dramatic, and amplified emotions. Even though there are free downloads for it, being copyrighted, I can't use it unless I pay for it (I am unwilling to go through the hassle of investing for simple background music at this point). So, while not quite as good, I'll use the "Andy S Ill" version, which isn't copyrighted (

Nevertheless, I PROMISE you: if I don't upload it today, I will upload it tomorrow.

Here's the thumbnail:

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