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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The video-slideshow for the right to self-defense & to keep & bear arms & armor is close to filming & release

For those of you who has seen my article, Perhaps my most ambitious project so far, why I'm going to start to make accounts on gun forums, plus my "threat level", I have been working on the slideshow version of my ultimate argument for the right to self-defense & to keep & bear arms & armor ( Whenever I see gun-control advocating videos on the internet pop up in searches or gun-control advocating comments get popular on the internet, it motivates me further to do what I can to help fellow human beings around the world, and instead in burying my head to try to ignore it in despair, my irritation and frustration is channeled to make me do what I feel is right.

I'll film the argument using Screen Recorder, convert it into a YouTube-acceptable format with Windows Live Movie Maker, add some music, and then release it.

When the video is released, I'll have a grand opening for it; I'll share it to my active social media profiles, particulary on Pinterest, share it with extended circles plus major allies on YouTube, and so on and so forth. Soon, I would share it with communities on Google+, on Facebook pages, and so on and so forth.

By the way, the main reason why I don't do other issues (ie elections, Israel-Palestine conflict) is because other issues, to meet the standards that I have for my own arguments, use up a lot of information from dozens, and possibly, hundreds, of internet articles and videos, making it too hard to put into a practical slideshow format video at this point.

Edit: the video was filmed. It's going to be saved to YouTube to day.

Update: video on YouTube, private. In editing phase.

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