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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Response to "Every High School Principal Should Say This", plus a little bit of responding to Prager University on foreign policy

"American public schools were created to make better Americans".
This is very much true... at least from a certain point of view, that is.

Also read: 

U.S. Garrison Militarism: BS "Peking Order", Blind Social Conformity is evil = AmeroFascism

So if the definition of a "better American" is a worker bee who's just smart enough to work 12+ hours a day for the military industrial complex (and megacorporations) without questioning anything or get conscripted to keep government control at home and abroad, Dennis Prager is right.

About dress code: I have no problem with regulating dresscode to combat, say, gang affiliation or promoting of illegal activity, drug/alcohol use, etc. Though I strongly value freedom of speech and expression, and the dress code for school should stay at school when it comes to what the authorities would enforce.

Referring teachers by title as opposed to 1st name: I've read somewhere that, in Scandinavia or somewhere in Europe, teachers are regularly addressed by first names.
Do you know where else authority figures are addressed by title? PRISON! Ie, instead of calling a guard "Dennis", you're supposed to call him "Penal-Detention Officer Prager".
Or the shockingly incompetent and morally flawed U.S. military and their crap culture, as explained in U.S. Garrison Militarism: BS "Peking Order", Blind Social Conformity is evil = AmeroFascism with the grunts in uniform with a rank being treated like dog crap and them treating civilians in war-torn countries without a uniform or recognised rank even worse.
I think Dennis I mean Mr. Prager should read that. But I'm not so sure if it would be worth it for him, becuase, well, I'll explain at the end.
In short, there's a difference between teaching respecting and promoting dogma.

As for eliminating talking about global warming, I don't believe in it either, but for different reasons:

Also read the article CLIMATEGATE.

As for no longer talking about tobacco, I don't agree with it. Enough people die from smoking or get sick from using tobacco.

Eliminating sex ed: 
Despite things such as the social liberalisation of sexuality and growth in popularity of pornography, teen birth rates have actually went DOWN. Also see Fewer American Teens Are Getting Pregnant, and No One Knows Why, and Teen pregnancy rates level off in Canada, study shows.

As shown in the other infographic in, many of the states that have a teen birth rate of 30.0 to
39.9 are actually in THE BIBLE BELT!!! How come such socially conservative places get such high teen birth rates while more socially liberal places such as New York has comparatively low teen birth rates? 

How Do Sex and Power Abuses Lead to Terrorism and War? (I do not blame conflict in the middle east or Africa for sexual repression or things like that, but this gives some ideas),
Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature (same as for the case above),
The topic of sexuality and sexual repression will be addressed in an article that I plan to release in a few months.

About the pledge of allegiance:
It was actually written by a SOCIALIST.
A few articles to read:

To add more to this, despite what our culture, the mainstream media and politicians are telling us, hardly a single soldier has truly died for our freedom since the war of 1812.

In reality, especially after the Korean war, many died for our slavery;

Definitely read: 

By the way, many people seem to glorify the American military and the "spreading of democracy" (if you read, it's actually just the spreading of corporate and big-banking interests). How different do you think that is from the Nazi German government glorifying their military and saying that they are "protecting their race" and "spreading national socialism", or perhaps a better example, communist groups and government glorifying their armed forces and say that they're "spreading socialism/communism" (socialism and communism are actually different ideologies), "fighting the bourgeoisie", "fighting corporate greed", and "fighting for the workers" and so on and so forth.

But, contrary to what their sloganeering rhetoric is, they are actually fighting for slavery, and the people who fight for that slavery are little to no better off than before, and are almost always worse off. They're putting lipstick on a pig with their propaganda.
Does this not all sound familiar? With sloganeering, you're not supposed to think about the real issues.

All in all, while much of the video makes sense from the surface, but for some reason reminds me of Animal farm (maybe it was from announcing what will and won't be added, eliminated, kept, etc). And I'm very much disappointed that they don't talk about the things that are covered in the videos below. But hey, what can I expect from them?

While I agree with many of PraegerU's positions on economics and even social issues, I know that they advocate a NeoConservative foreighn policy, albeit in an extremely sugarcoated manner.

Was it right to go to war with Iraq?

How much should we trust Judith Miller, who was starred in at least a couple of videos from PragerU?

Now somewhere in the documentary below Judith Miller's role in the 9/11 lies. But it's so long that it's only required to watch it if you're interested. Start at 11:32 to get to the nitty gritty, important stuff.

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