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Friday, June 3, 2016

Is Barack Obama really a Muslim? Pus criticizing people on policy & actions rather than on character.

Before we start, just to let everyone know, I do NOT identify as liberal and I am definitely not a social justice warrior. For more information, go read Opening a can of bloodworms: In case you're making assumptions about me, read this before debating me on social media, plus my political identity & religious views. An open message to liberals & conservatives.

And I have criticised Islam before (, and I promise to come out with rant about Muslim culture and the Koran in the next few months.

If Obama is Muslim, then why does he;

-Support the Israeli government (especially with increasing the aid to Israel's government from 3 billion to 4.9 billion),
-Bomb Muslim-majority countries,
-And is, overall, pro-war?

(The video author was almost definitely speaking out of anger towards the end, becuase he openly denounces anti-Jewish hate and collectivism, like on Israel vs Jews Learn the difference and Maidhc Ó Cathail the disinformation of guilt by association tactics for example, and also denounces Neo-Nazis, like as said on The Empire Unmasked interview and 2 cents on the 911 truth vs kook movement until 10:00.)

I know that many of you will ask "Then why is he bringing in Muslim rapefugees?" (which I think is the incorrect way to help people; more on this later in the article), and I can answer that; he, and other western "leaders" (more like puppets) are trying to cause trouble by forcing people to be together when they're not ready yet or don't want to, and with the controlled mainstream media fueling the fire of hate or just plain brainwashing us average people, takes attention off of the real powers that be.

The following will be based off of information from How the powers that be are damaging decent countries, & keeping Africa, Central, & south America & parts of Asia poor (which should be read to gain an understanding of the following); as NATO is supporting ISIS, refugees are forced out of their home countries like Syria. Instead of sending them to the wealthy gulf states where the cultures are more compatible and religious belifs are similar, or better yet, follow a 5-step plan to truly help everyone (and treat those who harm others, especially raspists, like they would treat a regular person who did it), these refugees are sent to western countries, mainly the European Union, Canada, the United States, Australia, and so on and so forth, where not only are they often given welfare with seemingly few to no obligations (like doing volunteer work to pay off welfare, and the welfare should be temporary, getting education and job training to sustain themselves and do work that others won't, etc), but also, the predominant religion is different, cultures are less compatible, some of the migrants can't control their sexual urges appropriately (people should start packing weapons, like batons, petter spray, tasers, and most importantly, firearms), and this is combined with the Neoconservative media that spreads hate, part-truths, and outright lies (go look at if you don't belive me) that, at the same time, fail to report on what's going on behind closed doors or who is really behind all of this.

Now, what real issues are Obama and many other moron politicians won't cover that is not about, say, our right to keep and bear arms and armor, borders (and maybe Benghazi scandal and the TTP/TTIP)? 
They are NAFTA, the Patriot act, NDAA, SOPA/PIPA, bank bailouts, the Federal reserve, and war. This is why they have to attack each other's character or talk about divisive, yet relatively insignificant issues like marriage or abortion becuase, often, their policies are so similar.

(The above pictures came from

(This came from

(This image came from

We have to stop attacking people on their character, and start to talk about their actions and policy. People using ad hominem attacks on Obama, for instance, while the international mainstream media makes Obama look like an angel, makes all of us Americans look bad.

A very good example of this can be seen on, in which Canadians who don't know bvetter than what the mainstream media presents, think that Obama is a good president!

All that does it, like I said before, makes us look bad and promote the stereotype that Americans have a "F*** U!!!" attitude and loves to give everyone else both middle fingers.
Oh crap, this shirt at least almost backs up my point; Oddly enough, I haven't seen similar images for other flags, NOT that I have any problem whatsoever with the current one.
(The above image does NOT belong to me. It came from If you're the rightful owner, please comment below and it will be removed within 24 hours or less.) 

I'm sure that, if people who dislike Obama actually criticise him on the REAL issues instead of attacking his character, talking about the belief that he's the Antichrist, talking about small issues or things like that, even less people both nationally and internationally would like him.

I don't love people like Ron Paul becuase he's a white Christian; I love him becuase he speaks the truth and knows what he's doing. I don't love people like Ryan Dawson becuase he's a Native American Atheist; I love him becuase he speaks that truth that, sometimes, nobody else will speak.
Likewise, I don't hate, say, the Rothschilds becuase their Jewish; I hate them becuase they use power in immoral and unethical ways (same case for any banker). I also don't hate Mao Zedong becuase he's Asian or Aithest; I hate him for being the deadliest dictator in history (Stalin and Hitler come in 2nd and 3rd place in terms of the people they killed, respectively).

Perhaps the 1st step for the world's people, and especially, but as a 3rd-step (will be explained deeper below) for Americans, to become more sensible is to stop listening to the mainstream media, and to start listening to the alternate media and to start using fact-checking sites. To the left of this blog page, there are 38 alternate media sites that you can use, plus YouTube channels I support (mainly truth channels), and 7 fact-checking sites to use.

The 1st real step for Americans to become more sensible and to clean up our image is to STOP listening to comedians for political information. The comedian's only job is to make us laugh, even if what they say is stupid. And often, the stupid things they say about politics gets into our minds and forms our opinions and even forms the way we debate (no wonder why memes are often favored over creating in-depth articles and videos, aside from the former being easier than the latter 2).

And 2nd, to get rid of the polarized left/right tribalistic paradigm.

And after the root of the problem is removed, then we should be ready to listen to the alternative media and to use fact-checking sites, becuase before we look at the information, we must be mature and strong enough to be ready to see it, process it, and determine what to do with it becuase a lot of the people I see (especially liberals) reject the truth for simply being too hot.

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