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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why electronic gun safes may be a bad idea: the risk of electromagnetic pulse/EMP.

At least some of you have heard of gun safes that have electronic locking mechanisms. While this may be a good idea, however, you should ask yourself; will it still open when an electromagnetic pulse strikes? 

If you don't think that this can happen, I recommend watching the video below, and looking at and

And please don't ever think that this can not happen; it is not a guarantee that it will happen, but remember, it CAN happen. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


  1. An electronic gun safe would definitely be inoperable in the event of an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack. But if that happens, we'll have much more to worry about than a handgun. Several countries have the capability to launch an EMP that would wipe out the US power grid for decades. There is legislation in Congress now to provide funding to guard against such an attack.

    1. I feel similarly. Being unable to access weapons is only one of an entire train of problems if an EMP attack occurs.

      Thank you for commenting on this blog! Feel free to read and comment on other articles. I want an actual discussion to go on (it gets boring when there's noone to talk to).

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