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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why the "Who should America vote for president in 2016, & Selected candidates by position on important issues" video has not been released yet, plus planned mega rant about Islam

Some you might've read about the "Who should we be voting for 2016?" project from awhile ago, and might've wondered why I haven't made other updates about it.

For reasons explained in the video below and all the videos after it (plus some other videos in the playlist). The system is rigged, and I'm not so sure how effective our vote is. But we can still try, which is better than not trying at all.

Allso, in my personal life, I don't manage time as well as I should, which does not help when I'm trying to enjoy life after going to school and do my homework, which may not be exactly light considering that it's near the end of the school year and I'm getting ready to go from middle school to high school. 

By the way, since last month, I've been planning and thinking about a mega rant about Islam, kind've like my cultural rant. I feel like that I've criticised Christianity enough, Ryan Dawson, and while I do NOT agree with the social views of the rest, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper (probably, haven't checked), Nathaniel Kepner, and some other truth people have criticised Judaism enough, and while I criticised Islam before (search up the terms "Islam" and "Muslim" on this blog to get started if you're interested), I feel like I haven't done so enough.

In my rant, I plan to address what I believe to be contradictions, excessive limits of freedom (anyone who really knows about Islam knows that it isn't exactly a libertarian-friendly ideology), sexual repression, and some of the dogma in Muslim culture, starring some of the videos of IntrovertedSmiles. However, I'll still fight hate and collectivism against people as a whole (not so much induviduals who DID do wrong), and leave up my anti-hate posts up (most notably


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