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Saturday, May 7, 2016

What happened to the Bounty Boys? Personal investigation underway.

Sometime in February of 2016, the YouTube channel, "The Bounty Boys" (not to be confused with a channel with the same name, in which the avatar is identical to the thumbnail of Oklahoma's own Bounty Boys Catching the Bad Guys!), has been deleted, and caused me quite a bit of irritation since I watched them all the time. 

There is proof of the channel's existence, mainly being and Oklahoma's own Bounty Boys Catching the Bad Guys!. I swear that, the last time I checked back when the channel was up, the channel had well over 1,000,000 views! But why would such successful and online history making (as in broadcasting online fugitive recovery pickups and perhaps even a reality TV show) people just dump everything like whoever deleted the channel did!?

I remember looking at the channel, and seeing in a comments section about the infrequency of videos being post, "The Bounty Boys" said something about the cable company that they worked with receiving much of the content generated by the Bounty Boys, which may be why there aren't too many videos coming out too fast.

I wonder if a lot of the post-2009 or post-2010 videos are releases of older footage, becuase I saw a short 2 second or so clip here that looked a lot like as if it was from the episode "You just woke me up!", which, respectively, was released in 2013 or 2014, though I'm not so sure becuase from what I remembered from the episode, both Chris and Les were wearing a "BOUNTY BOYS" patch on the back of their vests instead of "FUGITIVE ENFORCEMENT" (you're just going to have to take my word for it).

Now, the Bounty Boys used to maintain a website, But, it looks like it's down. Fortinately, there is an archived version (

So far, my only theory about why the Bounty Boys stopped putting out content was that they resighned after an incident in 2009 in which they busted into a family's house and got into trouble for it ( As far as I know, the Bounty Boys were not placed in jail/prison, even though they had to pay like $10,000 for the incident, probably in a civil case.

But, a video released in 2014 that talks about going after deadbeat parents pretty much contradicts this, and in the same video, Chris Black said "I'm a bounty hunter for life".

So far, I can not find any no longer existing content about the bounty boys released after 2014, or any existing content after 2009, 2010 or, counting the archived YouTube channel, 2012.

After this post is released, I will be sending a e-mails to a 43 year old male named "David Dewitt (Shad)" (, and videovigilanteokc, and Tuffy Productions.
I've already Tweeted to their Twitter profile, but I did not get a response, and there appears to be no activity since 2011.

I'll make a new post if I get a reply unless requested otherwise.

If you know the Bounty Boys or a pair of men by the name of "David Shad Dewitt (AKA Chris Black)" and "Lawrence Earl Sanders (AKA Les Sanders and Les Riggs)" personally, or know their family or friends, or know people who know their friends and/or family, please ask them what's going on if they're comfortable. Remember, this is NOT an murder, kidnapping or missing person case or anything like that so, if they don't want to talk, it's fine.

You you have any information, hints, clues, tips or whatever relating to this, please say so in the comments below.

Once I get new information, I'll make a new post about this.


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    1. What does that have to do with the article?

  2. Sometimes Fugitive Recovery Agent and bail bondsman or given the wrong information such as given the wrong information about The Fugitive as well as the wrong addresses of where the fugitive may be at and sometimes they can be given the wrong mugshot and when that happens it's because the person that gave them information is trying to help The Fugitive run. So technically Chris black and les regs are not completely at fault for what they did. David law enforcement office for for a long time and then help other law enforcement departments hunt down wanted fugitives that been on the Run. The Bounty boys are heroes and I support them. Liberty pay the fine they've learned their lesson they do not need to go to jail and they deserve to go back to work helping hunt down wanted fugitives including rapists and terrorists. If I could go back and do bounty hunting like I first started back a long time ago I'd be willing to go to work for them. God Bless all bounty hunters around the United States including Dog and Beth Chapman the bounty hunters and God bless the Bounty Boys in Oklahoma.

    1. Thank you for your comment, sir. I do not know either Black or Riggs personally, but from what I've heard, they're pretty professional and I can't believe that they didn't announce themselves, exchange information the Allen family, or even did so much as apologise (or at least what the media claims, as that the media sometimes makes law enforcement look bad and only tell part of the truth).

      By the way, do you know the Bounty Boys, know anyone who knows them or have any information that you would like to share related to them?
      Thank you for commenting.

    2. * Then again, everyone makes mistakes, though usually not that far.

    3. Did you find the Bounty Boys?

    4. I'm sorry, but no, I did not find the Bounty Boys.

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