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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trivia post: What-if stories: the sadistic, baton-wielding security guard, & the suspicious case of censorship

Earlier in my 1st half of 8th grade in the 2nd half of 2015, I got into an argument with my social studies teacher; we were talking about powerful countries, and I threw in Israel is a suggestion. Long story short, I wanted to explain why, but my teacher didn't want me to. During our argument, she crossed her arms, and my paraprofessional teacher allegedly did a "cut it out" gesture, but I didn't see it. Then, right when I was about to be thrown out, I stopped.
 During personal management, my main personal management teacher got onto me about this, and so did my classmates. Thus, I came up with this story, "The Sadistic, baton-wielding security guard" (or "Sadistic guard problem" for short):

Let's say that you were employed somewhere, and before you entered the door, you have to go through a sadistic, baton-wielding security guard, or the SBWSG for short. On pay day every month, before you come out, you must go through the SBWSG, who demands that you pay a "Troll"  "Toll" to leave the building. If you pay, you'll be fine. If you don't, you'll be beaten up until you pay up. The answers to my question are, 1, you accept this treatment, or 2, do something about it (maybe bring something like a baseball bat to defend yourself or fellow workers).

But guess what my friends responses were? They were mainly "It's not the same", which disappointed me.

I also made another story, called "The suspicious case of censorship" (Disclaimer: I do NOT own any rights to "The Giver" franchise. All copyrights go to its rightful owners. This is somewhat of a parody. No copyright infringement intended.):

Let's say that you lived in "The community of sameness" (which is based off of "The community" depicted in both the Novel and movie versions of "The Giver"), and like everyone else, you had your memory erased within the first 5 minutes of entering. The Giver wanted to change this, and each day, held "The release in memories", where participants got together in a circle, and he shared all the memories from history that was forbidden for the average people to know. The government didn't like this event, but The Giver held it anyway.

On the last day, The Giver gave a speech, and just after he started, a bunch of punk bounty hunters that had shirts with satanic imagery, skin completely covered in tattoos, nose piercings and so on and so forth, come in, and tackle The Giver. The punks claimed that The Giver forgot to take his medication and that they were just taking The Giver to a mental hospital.
Now, would you really believe that? Or do you think that the government hired the punks to kidnap The Giver? You tell me.

Now, onto a Star Wars based story that I've thought of but haven't given a name yet...

Let's say that is is 141 years after the Battle of Yavin, a couple of padawans, Kriss and Holly, has went out on a mission to find some historical artifacts. Since the former has been specially qualified early, which gives him more freedom to take action on their own.

Their search the Darksaber and Kylo Ren's lightsaber leads them to the Controlled Opposition Parrot's warehouse, where they are met with a pair of unqualified, bare-minimum wage security guards. While in the building, Kriss meets Ms. Heffley, the teacher of the security guards, and talk for a short while. Then, Kriss asks the security guards to open a door. But instead, they turn the lights off. Once the lights get turned back on, a pair of Terminators activate and grab Holley. Holley yells at Kriss for help, and Kriss and Holly fight the Terminators like so;

After the fight is finished, Kriss said to the security guards "as for you two, you make a poor excuse for a light switch". Holly says "I'm sure they did their best". Kriss replied with "Their best to get us killed? Only an idiot would do that! These morons can't even get the door open".

Using his lightsabers, Kriss cuts open the door, and inside, the Controlled Opposition Parrot (who looks somewhat like Jocasta Nu, but has a different personality) is meditating. Just before 2 terminators open fire, holly uses the force to cut them down and destroys them with lightsabers.
After Holly destroys the terminators, she pulls back both the Darksaber and Kylo Ren's lightsaber from the Controlled Opposition Parrot's belt and Kriss points his lightsabers at the Controlled Opposition Parrot.

Kriss: What is going on here? Did you program the droids to kill us?

Parrot: Yes, I did. 

Kriss: What!?

Parrot: how else am I going to keep my warehouse safe? A couple of rent-a-cops won't cut it. And give me back my lightsabers and get out of my warehouse now!

Kriss: fine.

Later, after Kriss and Holly get back to the Jedi temple, the Jedi and new republic are notified about the Parrot's stash but decide not to raid her due to restrictions on eminent domain and constitutional property rights.


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