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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trivia post: What if story (for a teacher of mine's); The security screw up, the kid who went bad & trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

(Disclaimer: this is all COMPLETE FICTION. None of the characters or events are truly real, and this is NOT intended to be a threat.)

I made these stories for my nitwit personal management teacher who doesn't teach her kids to be reliable enough.

(I'd like to use the image on, or if you're unable to find it, to represent this. I didn't use the image itself becuase, for one, I didn't get permission to place it here, and two, Google image search can't find a match for it. Thys, if someone finds it via a search engine, and this blog is deleted for some reason, they wouldn't find the picture's source.)

At school, I have a bratty kid (who we'll call "Rowley") who keeps screwing up and does not put as much effort into things as he should. My teacher (let's call her "Ms. Heffley") And thus, I created a "What if" scenario just for my teacher.

Let's say that it was 2025, and Ms. Heffley was at a bank when she noticed a man dressed in tank top, ripped up jeans, and a belt with a machine pistol and extended magazines on it (she said if she saw that, she'd call law enforcement). Thenm his head turns around where everyone can see that the torn cap he was wearing said "security".
Holly, the manager, said that her company required that every bank had a minimum wage security guard. Since she had a hard time finding a security guard willing to work for bare-minimum wage, she finally met Rowley, who gave into the offer even though he was unlicensed to work in security. Thus, that's why he was hired.

Then, an individual in a tank-top, torn jeans, and a "Prozac the killer clown" mask runs into the bank with a plastic knife. He threatens Rowley with the knife, takes off his belt, and Rowley gets on his knees with his hands on his head, and the robber subsequently handcuffs Rowley, gets up and says "Who's the manager!? If I don't find her, I'll slaughter you all!!!". He finds Holly in her office, grabs her by her hair, and forces her to open the safe at gunpoint, while motioning the machine pistol up and down and saying "Tick tock, tick tock. If the coppers get here before I get out, you're all gunman insurance!".

Holly opens the safe, and starts packing valuables into the large bags that the robber has brought. Soon the bags and packed, and just as the robber steps out of the safe, he sees Federal Security Police SWAT vehicles barreling down the road. Angered, he jumps onto a table and attempts to shoot Holly, but just in the nick of time, Holly was able to close the vault door, saving her life.
After emptying the magazine, the robber runs out the the building, steals Ms. Heffley's car, and a chase ensues. He is later caught.

Meanwhile, back at the bank, Holly slaps Rowley so hard that she leaves a handprint on his face and yells at him for his idiocy until his ears start ringing.

The next month, Ms. Heffley comes back to the same bank, and there, a security officer is decked out in SWAT gear meets her at the door, and lets her in. Inside, there are several more just like him, and when Ms. Heffley talks to Holly, Holly tells her that she obtained a Level 3 Concealed Weapons Permit. Like all citizens of the universe who didn't commit a serious crime, in this alternate timeline, she already has a license to own practically all non-explosive weapons (which require extra training for a shall-issue upgraded license), but not really to carry them (Level 1 is non-lethal, such as batons, irritant/inflammatory sprays, and stun-guns/tasers. Level 2 is for lethal melee weapons and non-fully-automatic handguns. And Level 3 is for the rest, such as sawn-off shotguns and compact assault rifles). Thus, she upgraded to Level 3.

Just after the robbery, law enforcement got information about the robber, who's also a kid who was taught by Ms. Heffley. He was tracked down to a safehouse. In the middle of the night, a SWAT team drove up to the house he was in, threw in flashbanks to stun the suspects, and after they went off, stormed the house. The suspect was ordered onto the floor and cuffed. When he was questioned about weapons, he denied having any, but when the SWAT officers pulled the cushion off the couch, they found a select-fire battle rifle with the safety "off". The suspect was asked if it was loaded or had a round in the chamber, and said "No". But, when a SWAT officer took the magazine out, the magazine was loaded, and when he racked the bolt, a live round came out. The suspect was then taken out and hauled off to a maximum security prison.

Starting at daybreak, detectives and investigators swept the home, and found lots of contraband, such as stolen weapons, ammunition, restricted drugs, and so on and so forth. Talk about a criminal!

Now I wonder what Ms. Heffley is going to be thinking about the way she taught Rowley when he was a brat.

Trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the person who won't listen.

I've been thinking about a scenario to show times when even an older person should listen. Thus, this one.

The Controlled Opposition Parrot (a nickname for someone I know, who's real name not necessary) is a resident on the ship, "Human freedom" (which is an ultra large crude carrier, an enormous oil tanker ship, now converted into a floating city and registered to Uruguay), and during its worldwide tour, dropped anchor 12 miles off the coast of Honduras and people who wanted to visit were taken over there by helicopter. After getting into the heart of San Pedro Sula, the visitors were advised to stay out of dangerous areas, only be out during sunlight areas and get back to their hotels before sundown, and advised that everyone get Level 3 concealed carry licenses and carry their weapons and equipment for personal protection.

But the Controlled Opposition Parrot doesn't want to listen, believing that she is perfectly safe.
Later on, it is way past midnight, the Controlled Opposition Parrot walked in the streets alone, by herself, and in dangerous areas. Now just starting to regret her decision, the Controlled Opposition Parrot gets surrounded by gang members and has guns drawn at her, with the gang members demanding money. The Controlled Opposition Parrot then threw her wallet, and was lucky enough to have the gang members leave her alone from that point on. 

When she got back to the hotel, she had to explain to Captain Ite what she lost with the wallet, being most of the money the brought with her, her I.D., and so on and so forth.


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