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Friday, June 10, 2016

Shame on you, Gwinnett County Public Schools; a little complaint about Gwinnett county schools' summer programs

During the school year, I've heard that, after finishing 8th grade and transitioning to 9th grade, you're supposed to take either Health or Physical Education over the summer if you have not taken either over the school year. Well, I haven't, and here's some information about these programs;,,

My main complaints are that we have not received letters, E-mails, or even had the kids bring home papers about this related to this. And since we have to Register by may the 26th, and get with the program on June the 2nd, it is too late for me to join. Along with the fact that we have to pay $250 for the course. I'm not sure what costs that covers, but there's a feeling that it is excessive.

If I have a problem related to my summer activities, I'll share the blame with my bad being not being vigilant enough and their bad not reminding us. Don't give me B.S. about "You're supposed to remember" or something like that.

Besides, as for mandatory P.E., there is something poking at me about implying that the government owns our bodies as if making us be up to a certain bodily standard. Sure, I can understand restricting the possession and use of drugs by non-adults, and having kids get checkups with reasonable examinations and so on and so forth, but I'm not exactly sure if having mandatory P.E., especially when it comes to kids who are physically fit, is compliant with the libertarian philosophy.

If you know what's going to happen if I don't take P.E. over the summer (and this is strictly in Gwinnett county), please let me know in the comments below.

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