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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is Sweden the next country to be targeted by ISIS? And why so.

Now I wonder if Sweden is going to get pulled into conflict with ISIS, as that the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened after France voted to recognise Palestine as a state (, and after Japan is about to send $100,000,000 to rebuild Gaza (, 2 Japanese guys were taken hostage (albeit probably faked; look at Also, the 2011 Norway attacks happened under suspicious circumstances (watch Norwegian attack, three targets one lone nut? I doubt it).

For some more background info, I suggest looking at, Charlie Hebdo - The Hidden Agenda Exposed, The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning, and do some research on the association between ISIS/ISIL and the Israeli government (,,

Not to mention claims that Sweden has high rates of rape, which is blamed on Muslims, Arabs and North Africans (while it is not entirely unfounded, I do question it. It is possible that it is not that rape itself is going up, but rather, the amount of cases being reported more often). So, if ISIS attacks, the tensions would become even worse, and instead of loosening restrictions on civilian weapon ownership, training people in self-defense and kicking out (ie deporting) troublemakers, collective punishment on Muslims, Arabs and North Africans would be more called on and deemed more acceptable.

I'm NOT saying that this will happen, but it may happen. I don't know if an inquiry is enough to provoke an attack, but I am just making a guess.

If this comes true, please credit me for "predicting" this!

Now, do you agree, disagree, or want to add more? Please say so in the comments!

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