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Thursday, September 1, 2016

An open message to fellow Americans on foreign policy

I am somewhat unsurprised about why so many people are wondering why much of the world dislikes the Corporate United States of America, mainly becuase of the controlled mainstream media, the culture of American exceptionalism and the now practically dead "National Greatness" conservatism.

First of all, people around the world almost never hate us for our freedom, let alone are willing to attack us simply for it. In actuality, they almost always hate us for our government's foreign policy.
Mainly, the foreign policy that they hate is that the U.S. government has not only started wars as explained in the videos below,

, but also, is responsible for coups of governments and the installation of dictators in places such as Iran, Chile, Egypt, and more, as explained in the video below
Learn the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism;

For those of you who believe that China or Russia will literally take over the world, here's a few questions that we should ask, inspired by the article 5 Reasons Globalism Will Fail:

1: how much control do they have over information other than what is coming out of their own countries (and even at that things still slip through the cracks)? Is China or Russia controlling all of the world's news outlets? Can they even perfectly control their own media?

2: will the populace accept their presence? In Africa before Neocolonialism, the Europeans tried to hold onto Africa with direct military force. How well did that work?

3: can they hold a moral high ground? American exceptionalism is already dying, and so-called "National Greatness" conservatism is practically dead ( and where's the Chinese exceptionalism or Russian exceptionalism? People will need to make voluntary sacrifices to keep the empire going.

4: how many foreign military bases do they have? From what I know, China doesn't really have any military bases outside its own borders, and here are the places that Russia has a working military base;
Compare that to the military bases the United States of America has;
And the U.S. empire is already having a bit of a challenging time staying up.

5: how are they supposed to pay for this? Russia is already not exactly the richest place in the world (you can lookup on how much of their military equipment actually is from the Soviet era), and Chinese military equipment is often cheap and may or may not be as good as the equipment from other countries (except for aircraft and armored vehicles, which are rougher than their U.S. counterparts and may be more reliable than U.S. aircraft such as the F-35).
Also, China's economy is dependent on exports, and on the ground, many people are poor. Imagine what would happen if NATO and EU countries stopped buying stuff from China, and lots of their already poorly paid and treated workers end up getting laid off? Their economy would be trashed if that happens.

6: is the Russian Ruble or Chinese Yuan/Renminbi a world reserve currency? One of the monetary tricks used by the system is to have the United States Dollar be the world reserve currency, giving the United States of America a big advantage when it comes to money.

Not to mention how, as explained in PLA: Chinese Military Doesn’t Compare to U.S. Military, China's military is not quite as strong as you think, not to mention how western militaries are more advanced, more experienced, much better funded, and possibly better motivated.

A similar case can be seen with Russia, where their military is, overall, not quite as well equipped as the U.S., and spends much less than the U.S. as well.

Also read the following articles in order: 

I won't bother reposting them here.

Here are the main real reasons that America is doing as poorly as it is;

5. Lack of economic freedom.

4. education.

3: culture.

2: money from big corporations and special interest groups, especially from AIPAC and the military industrial complex.

And most importantly,

1: the media.

Just 6 corporations own OVER 90% of the media.

As for 9/11 happening, compare George Walker Bush's or Westboro Baptist Church's explanations for 9/11 ("They hate us for our freedoms" and "God hates America" respectively) to Ryan Dawson's investigation and explanation;

This is exactly why American politicians (especially the NeoCons) and people such as Wild Bill for America have to come up with B.S. explanations for things like 9/11; they cannot talk about the truth becuase the truth is anything but on their side.

This is two-thousand and flippin sixteen, not the year six-hundred AD.

What can we do about this?

First, we need a serious paradigm shift. The best way I can think of is to call up political comedians and to tell them to shut up and get out of politics if they are not going to be dead serious about it, and perhaps more importantly, just boycott them and start listening to the alternate media. I know that these more serious alternate media outlets and people are not nearly as funny as comedians or The Daily Show, but the information provided is a whole lot more important and accurate.

Second, then hold out until we're forced to start a revolution, and do what we can to avoid violence;

We shouldn't depend on the system forever; we should try to get the least worst in, and ride this out until we're forced to bring real change, which is explained above.

If you agree with this article, please share it to every American Conservative Christian who thinks that America is doing badly becuase of its lack of faith to god.

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