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Saturday, September 10, 2016

How much should we trust Jill Stein & the Green party? Plus eliminating political parties, slogan propaganda, the psychology of many Jill Stein supporters & American politics in general

Before we start, I know that this is going to be a topic that many Americans will have strong feelings over. I do NOT identify with any party (in fact, I want to entirely eliminate political parties becuase I feel that they're too easy to corrupt, including the American Libertarian party), and I am NOT a conservative (I hate Neocons and I highly dislike social conervatives). I also want a respectful, productive dialogue, so I am NOT calling names, I do NOT intend to make any accusations, and I will overall talk about this respectfully.

If I get enough responses to this post and/or see more Jill Stein supporters speak out, I may make an update for this article.

And, I actually semi-enthusiastically support Jill Stein. I'll explain why deeper in this article.

Less than an hour after I released the video Who should America vote for president in 2016, & Selected candidates by position on important issues, as you can see in the link, a Jill Stein supporter commented. At first, while this individual was pretty enthusiastic, they did not seem to be too bad.

But then, when I checked out the video Green Party Zionist Jill Stein, Pro-Clinton "Libertarian" Shills Gary Johnson/Bill Weld EXPOSED, which just happened to be released on the same day of my video, the same individual commented in Stein's defense, and I started to get suspicious. 
Certainly, I am NOT into the Gematria and Bible numbers thing or things that many people would call "superstitions" that the author of the "Green Party Zionist Jill Stein" video has talked about, and from what I know, Jill Stein is the most anti-war candidate and the least pro-Israel.

My curiosity was that this person was spam commenting and, fortunately, seems to be getting away with it so far. But, on both my video and the "Green Party Zionist Jill Stein", I've replied to this individual, and only got 1 reply out of them, and no more replies in over a week. 

All of this, along with the comments from other Jill Stein supporters, for me, raises a few questions; 
is the mentality of these people a true improvement over the dogmatic Obama, Romney, and now, Hillary and Trump supporters?,
Which many values do these people have?,
What are their principles, if they have any?,
and perhaps most importantly, 
How much did the psychology of American liberals, and just Americans in general, change?

From what I've seen, especially on a couple of Google plus communities that support Jill Stein (, and while they are not as unpleasent for me to look at as Hillary or Trump supporting communities, and the slogans, such as "a new society", "a new economy", "a new way forward", and "a green new deal" (which is normal, I'll take about this deeper in the article, and political rhetoric usally sounds good), there are a couple of things that are missing;
peace (to an extent), and, definitely, liberty.

While of course, Jill Stein is anti-war and is not an authoritarian (from my knowledge) and in facts, opposes many acts such as the Patriot act and NDAA, she does not talk about liberty as much as, say Ron Paul, and while I like her values much more than almost every other American presidential candidate, Stein's supporters seem to go for the "new" and "greater good" buzzwords in their sloganeering that I wonder if they're cliche or close to cliche. At least Stein is an environmentalist.

I also don't always agree with her economics, but her opposition to war, NAFTA, and the TPP would be great and we can save a bit of money by cutting out domestic spying, too.

As for the psychology of Jill Stein supporters, I am happy that people might not be suckering as much as when they did about Obama or now with Hillary and I'm also happy to see some anti-war and anti-establishment people get on the boat, I am also disappointed to see many liberals who don't think much about liberty and are still missing the principle of liberty. Why is this?

I believe that many Americans are still stuck to listening left-wing websites, blogs and social media, and have not listened to the alternate media (a list of websites can be seen to the left side of this blog). Part of this is our culture, part of this is the echo chamber effect, and part of this is the psychology of American politics in the 1st place;

(Begin at 3:38.)
A big part of this problem is the use of sloganeering by Stein supporters. This issue of sloganeering is talked about in
"Honestly I think a huge part of the problem has to do with language. In political language the terminology they use has to the people lost all of what those terms actually mean. There is, on all sides, become certain terms/phrases that invoke a immediate and emotional response either positively or negatively depending on what it is. As a result politicians, on all sides, use these terms and phrases to win support yet because virtually no one actually thinks, or possibly knows, what the words/phrases actually mean it doesn't actually matter to the people what those politicians end up doing. This is why, for example, there are more people who call themselves conservative than progressive, yet when you ask people specific policy questions overwhelmingly people match up with positions that are far to the "left" of the Democratic party. That's just the example that happened to come to mind, I'm not using it to attack either party or side because it is an issue in politics as a whole not with this or that group.

The terms and phrases are supposed to represent something specific which is why they are "labels"... the problem is that instead of the labels defining a certain policy or in the context of a label for a group/party it defining, broadly speaking, the types of policies they support the labels for both specific policies and for the groups/parties have become to be something that identifies something as right or wrong based on what label "your side" chooses to call itself (i.e. to "democrats" something "conservative" is horrible and to "republicans" something "liberal" is evil) despite the fact that hardly anyone can actually define what it is they are so opposed to other than using the label assigned to them/it. Regular/normal people who identify with whatever group need to realize that despite what groups someone identifies with generally speaking they all share the same goals.... with differences on how to achieve them, but the same end goals nonetheless and that the politicians/media have the goals of the wealthy, corporations, etc... which are very different to the people-orientated goals of most of us. We have got to figure this out and start electing politicians that are like ourselves and actually want the same things we the people want, at least then no matter how inept they may be we will at least occasionally get a win (because even if failing when you are actually trying failing to land on the line means you have a chance to land on either side of that line unlike now when they are intentionally aiming to not land on it and to land on only side.)"

Noam Chomsky also has talked about the use of sloganeering propaganda, albeit on a different issue, but it should help give you an idea; 

And, this is my VERY subjective opinion, for one, I have a feeling that if I were to post my "Who should America vote for 2016?" video on, that it could be taken down with little discussion and at worst, have the post deleted and have my kicked from the community with no discussion whatsoever, and that Jill Stein supporters and 
two, some of these people are not looking for true freedom and personal responsibility and eliminating having a slave master; instead, they want a nicer master, especially in the case of some socialist liberals who do not value true freedom.

I can investigate deeper, and I might when time goes on and, as I said in the beginning, if I get enough responses to this post and/or see more Jill Stein supporters speak out, I may make an update for this article.

To summarize this, from what I can tell, so far, with the Jill Stein supporters that I've seen, while they do seem to talk about more important issues than Obama, Romney, and definitely Hillary supporters, and I highly doubt that there are as many shills as there are with Trump or, especially, Hillary, and I feel like their values have at least somewhat improved (since they talk about more important issues), however, they tend to lack principles (seemingly little talk about liberty), and whatever issues they talk about are predominantly social issues, not so much on foreign policy and seemingly no economics.

Not only that, but also, many Stein supporters seem to be overconfident in the Green party and the way that they present themselves imply that they believe that the Green party is at risk to little to no corruption (I've also seen this with people who associate with the Libertarian party and other parties, too). In reality, political parties CAN still be hijacked and/or corrupted, which is why I wish to do away with them.

If you support Jill Stein and wish to comment, even if you disagree with this article, please give me feedback in the comments section below! It is good to have productive dialouge, and please keep it in a manner that would be positive for your public image (which is very important although many Americans seem).

As for climate change, watch the video when you're done reading this article (it's not vital).

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