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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 In Review: And Predictions for 2017, plus 2017 - Ron Paul's New Year Predictions, & if had had to live in the past, which era would I live in & why?

Happy new year!

Let's not forget about the 19+ trillion dollar dept!: .
But don't be totally pessimistic.

If I had to live in the past, which era would I live in and why?:
If I had to be born in the past, I would've preferred to be born in the 1980's and, as I was growing up, listen to people such as Ryan Dawson and Michael Rivero, and read sites such as the Anti Neocon Report/Anti Neocons/Rys2sense, Antiwar, Consortiumnews, and WhatReallyHappened, just to name a few.

Though I'd have to agree with Skallagrim that I'd rather live in the future:

And bonus:

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