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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Progress for the "Who should America vote for 2016" video slideshow is coming along well, a link to the slideshow, plus the new poster for it

Yesterday, I finally got back to the project that I announced back in April, Who should America vote for 2016?, and I'm pretty much finished with the slideshow part (though expect me to keep making edits and add to it). I plan to publicise the slideshow this weekend after I made some of the final touches to it, and I may record it using Screen Recorder software this weekend if I have the time and my mood is right.

It takes only a few minutes go record going through the slideshow itself.

BUT, will take about another Friday and weekend to actually put in the audio, mostly background music, all of which will be free becuase I don't want to pay for anything to produce this. And that WILL be an absolute pain in the rear-end and is very frustrating.

So expect the video to come out in late August or very early September.

Here's the poster:

Why haven't I done this? I simply over concentrated on doing my other blogspot posts. And my grandfather dying in early July did not help either, and I ended up not posting for about 3 weeks.

But on the 7th of this month, with little else to do, I got to work on the slideshow video, and it's turning out great, with minor improvements over my last video such as a little bit better usage of contrasting colors and a technique that I discovered in which I place a picture and the captions beside each other instead of just on top and below each other, which is sometimes a more efficient use of space.

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