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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10th, 2016 New Hampshire primary response

I've heard of today's primary, and I am disappointed in this one more than Iowa's February the 2nd caucus. Now, Donald Trump was in 1st place, while John Kasich came in 2nd. I never really heard of the latter.

While Kasich's social views just might not be as bad as Trump's, he's pro-NAFTA, you should look up his views on the Patriot act, supports bank bailouts, has not-so-clean-cut views on gun control, doesn't oppose aid to parasite governments (as usual), you should lookup his views on war, doesn't oppose the war on drugs, and, at the time this article was posted, it is not known what his stance on the Federal reserve is. Also make sure to go look at campaign donors.

I'm also bothered that Hillary also came out over Bernie Sanders again.

For more information, visit the link above that's about Iowa's caucus that was held on February the 2nd. I won't bother repeating information here.

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