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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Trivia post: Star Wars: is Anakin Skywalker good or evil, Anakin's Clones & Rise of the droids & how Shaak Ti could've defeated Grievous

(Note to regular readers of this blog; I'm sorry that I don't do posts on politics, social issues or philosophy as much as I should. Simply put, I am not always sure how to properly present certain social issues or philosophical things to the public, and I also have time constraints with school, homework, projects, family, and so on. So, I'll be doing trivia posts like this one, which at least would gain more views for this blog. And maybe I can recruit more people into the truth movement, thus potentially educating more by giving good information, showing how to solve problems and breal real change and also promoting good truth people. I assure you that this will be NOT a dedicated Star Wars blog; there is a reason why I put the words "Trivia post" on the begining of articles like this one. I post links to this article mainly on Star Wars communities on Google+.)

To Star Wars fans: please read "A few parallels between Star Wars & the New World Order, how Barriss stayed in the Jedi order, & more".

Is Anakin Skywalker good or evil?

We all know that Anakin Skywalker had his moral-ethical ups and downs. We all all know that, in the last few minutes of his life (as Darth Vader), he was redeemed from the dark side of the force and brought back to the light side, which at least hints that he is a good person at heart (not that I believe that everyone is good at heart, but that everyone has the potential to be good or evil). Though I want to dig a little deeper.
As you can read on "Anakin Skywalker - Personality and traits", Anakin was described as "though lovable, he also was one to carry grudges and was vengeful, but he commonly held these two traits in check", and "Due to his sudden escalation from slave to being known as the "Chosen One" and the rising star of the Jedi Order, pride and arrogance set in. He grew cocky, self-appreciating, and he grew to hate being reprimanded or lectured". 
In the same article, it was said that "Despite his actions, Vader apparently believed he was doing what was good for the galaxy" and "He expressed the belief that the Empire was the only way the galaxy could attain peace, justifying his actions and those of the Empire as necessary to accomplish this.", yet "He also appeared to have had a high sense of self-loathing as a result of his actions, so much so that he nearly committed suicide during his mission to Atoa." 
To wrap this up, in my conclusion (not that anyone else is obligated or expected to accept), Anakin was a good person at heart, even though he is quite manipulable, emotional, and some can even say somewhat immature.
I also recommend reading this article; The Psychology of Darth Vader Revealed.

By the way, I'm willing to bet that, if Ahsoka was found "Guilty" of the Jedi temple hangar bombing, Anakin might've violently lashed out in rage, and 1 of several things can happen, all after killing and injuring many people and doing other types of damage. 1, free Ahsoka and go into hiding. 2, fail to free Ahsoka and go into hiding. Or 3, go on a kill until killed killing spree, in which he kills and injures as many others and causes as much damage as he could to show his anger about what happened to Ahsoka. I thought of these becuase of his strong loyalty and how easy it is to anger him.

Also, if Anakin got a temper tantrum/hissy fit after Ahsoka declined to the Jedi council's invitation back into the Jedi order, it may look something like you see after 3:00 below when Benson from Regular Show tore up his apartment.

Now, here comes some fanon! Please bear with me and don't get butthurt over this.

Anakin's clones and rise of the droids.

I'm willing to bet that some of you might have read about the Kamino uprising ( and force-sensititve clones ( before. Now, I have my own idea for force sensitive clones, and the basis for a story about them.

This all started just after the end of the Clone Wars in the "Utopia federation" (which we'll abbreviate as the "U.F."), a group of outer-rim planets united under a single government and constitution. They all are very similar in that they are clean, paradise-like in a way similar to Naboo, have an almost limitless supply of resources, and a melting-pot culture, yet interestingly enough, have been largely ignored by major governments since the fall of the Old Republic.

Just after the clone wars, the U.F. decided to take a risk and take action against the Empire, believing that not only was it the right thing to do in the first place, but also, believed that the Empire's government and/or military would decide to attack it sooner or later anyway, justifying the use of force against the Empire.

First, the U.F. decided to not only create variants of the B-3 ultra battle droid, Droideka Mark 2, Super battle droid rocket trooper, Magnuaguard, Trade Federation F Series Battle Droid and various other droids and various vehicles, but also, to create the G-1 droid ("G" stood for "Guardian"), which were similar to the T-900 Terminator with a head similar to the T-888 Terminator, with the G-2 being like the T-1002 and T-XA Terminators combined, with the G-3 being the same as the T-X Terminator

However, the U.F. wasn't satisfied by an army mainly made up of its own citizenry and droids; they also wanted an army of force sensitives. Hence, the force-sensitive-clones project.
After all the DNA was gathered (either through donation or from captured DNA samples) and quick growth of the clone prototypes (who, after becoming grown enough, was given a pill to stop their aging), the main choices were;
Ki-Adi-Mundi combined with an unnamed Mirialan commando, who was picked for the former's brainpower and latter's flexibility,
Shaak Ti with a trace of Luminara Unduli, picked for an overall outstanding performance as a warrior plus the advantage of having the Togruta's unique montrals, which gave them a uniquely good awareness of what's going on around them with the flexibility of Mirialans, and
Anakin Skywalker, who was picked becuase of his high midi-chlorian count.

It was proposed to take the DNA of Mace Windu and clone him, since not only was he outstanding as a warrior, but also, was less emotional and manipulable than Anakin. However, Mace ended up not being cloned becuase Anakin's DNA was modified to be less emotional and manipulable than Anakin, and was also made to be more careful (especially when dealing with the dark side of the force). There were also plans to combine the DNA of Bossk and bounty hunter Bric to get the strength of the former with the intelligence of the latter, but it was canceled, mainly becuase of the extra work involved, and for icing on the cake, it was thought to be even weirder and wackier than organic species or genetically engineered clones in the galaxy.

All clones' DNA were modified to the DNA so that they would have increased lung capacity, improved stamina, a internal brain "switch" was added to block too many pain signals from coming to the brain, and thus, preventing impairment by pain, be well disciplined, and above all, strongly loyal to the U.F., and so on and so forth. Plus, they were also programmed with a fiery hatred of Emperor Palpatine and people like him (particulary those who are considered immoral/unethical).
Much of their weapons and equipment, particulary their armor (which was based off of Katarn-class clone commando armor) were similar to those worn by clone commando's. Instead of blasters, they carried Phaser type-3's for main rifles and Type 2 phasers as sidearms. The main lightsabers they wielded were based off of Asajj Ventress', or were similar to Ezra Bridger with the addition of being able to be attacked to make a saberstaff and being more refined, or double-bladed spinning lightsaber (like what inquisitors use)).

The color of their blaster bolts may be purple, which would penetrate and explode, and can also easily fry electronics, made by tip-top quality of tibanna gas that got ultra-refined and combined with an extremely high concentration of plasma.

When the prototypes were cloned and grown old enough to undergo trials, the production of Shaak Ti clones stopped becuase of inadequate protection of the montrals by a helmet design that disallowed them to function properly, along with high-sensitivity making the possessor vulnerable to objects hitting them. The latter problem was partially fixed when the "pain switch" was added. However, able-bodied survivors were allowed to continue their service, which they all eagerly did.

The Ki-Adi-Mundi and Mirialan commando hybrid was more common. Despite looking weird as a result of their head's shape and thus, their helmet's shape having an enormous "bump" n top of it, they were more common.

But, the one cloned above all was Anakin Skywalker, who was seen as the most powerful and thus, the most favorable of the clones.

However, these clones didn't have their flaws. Primarily, they were not always mentally real stable, even though they had no memories unlike force sensitive clones from other programs. The main cause of this particular problem was that the midi-chlorians didn't like having clones artificially be given midi-chlorians, and thus, undermined the sanity of the clones. For icing on the cake, they were not the type of crazy that the real-life Black Sheep squadron were.

As a result, force-sensitives clones were not produced in as large numbers as originally planned as that it was too hard to control an army with large numbers of unstable troops, and a mixture of G-series droids and non-force-sensitive clone hybrids were used instead.

And, partially as a result of the massive use of powerful droids against the Empire and many oppressive governments, and the voice of the droid rights movement, droid restraining bolts were heavily restricted, memory wipes were regulated, guidelines were set up for making anti-personality programs for droids, and overall, droids got better protection.

How Shaak Ti could've defeated General Grievous in Star Wars: Clone Wars: chapter 25.
I find it rather amazing how Shaak Ti could hold her own against dozens of Magnaguards for at least a few minutes, yet she faced Grievous head-on without utilizing proper tactics. I'm not a Jedi nor am I trained in using a lightsaber or even a sword, but if I was in Shaak Ti's place, I would've cut off 3 of Grievous' arms and then cut off his head. After getting that out of the way, I would've either stay put and do what I can to secure the area and fight off intruders or try to get away to a safer location.

I'd also like to add instances where a simple, easy move could've stopped something and possibly change the course of the story. An example is seen in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 04 Episode 12 Slaves Of The Republic", where Ahsoka held a lightsaber close to the queen, and apparently did not pay enough attention to what her assailant was doing with their hands. 

The situation that I'm talking about explains exactly why when, say, you're stopped by law enforcement, you are often told to put your hands where the officers dealing with you can see them, so you can't say, pull a weapon.

A similar situation is seen here. If I was in Ahsoka's place, I would've said to my assailant (in this case, the Queen) "Put your hands where I can see them. Don't do anything stupid". If my assailant reaches for something, if I don't have enough time to warn them or already warn them, I'll go ahead and cut their hand off, and the pain and shock should get me more compliance. After that, I would put my arm around the neck of the assailant with a lightsaber in front of it, and make my demands and do deals (in this case, being that me, my friends, and as many other people as possible are freed).
Fast forward to after the mission, I might get fussed at for the level of force that I use, kind've like what Jack Slater has to deal with with his boss, Lt. Dekker in the movie "Last Action Hero" ( Warning: strong language). I'll probably try to justify the use of force by saying something like "Do you want us to fail the mission, or any mission for that matter? We can't let the bad guys get away".

I feel like Ahsoka apparently doesn't always pay enough attention, becuase before she was zapped by the queen, she was zapped by Cad Bane. I wonder how detailed Jedi training is when it comes to doing practical things, such as watching what someone is doing with their hands.

Bonus: Ahsoka Tano and the wide audience of Star Wars.
I've came across this article, "Why Ahsoka Tano Is the Best Thing to Happen to Star Wars in 20 Years", which explains why Ahsoka was added into the Star Wars franchise. 
I've seen a bunch of haters of "The Clone Wars" movie and I've seen a few who weren't great fans of Ahsoka.

In my opinion, The Clone Wars movie and following series were a bit underrated. Namely, it originally had quite a young target audience, as reinforced by the merchandising and "Young readers" books.
I remember that, when I was younger, the series changed quite a bit in season 3, in terms of character appearance, story plots, and maybe even animation as well. Fast foward to know, especially after watching Why does General Grievous suck in The Clone Wars?, I've found out that mostly teens and young adults watched the show. Thus, that's why the story lines got deeper and darker, with maybe an exception for episodes from "A Necessary Bond" to "A Test of Strength", where younglings (kids) were featured a lot.

In a nutshell, I think both the movie, and to an extent, the series, were rather underrated. Mostly adults, at least sometimes with quite high expectations, were rating a movie and series for a young target audience, which explains why the movie and series got such a poor rating. So, they might not have been properly rated... from a certain point of view.

Now, with Star Wars rebels now out for over a couple of years as of the time this article was released, strangely, I didn't see as harsh or heavy criticism, even though it obviously is targeted for even younger audiences than The Clone Wars (and the animation screams the 2012 animated "Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles" series), and you'll probably be surprised at how many adults watch the series.

To wrap this up, I've seen a comment on the internet where someone said that, at first, they didn't watch The Clone Wars movie becuase they thought it was too cartoony. However, they saw it air on television, tried it, and liked it!

What are your thoughts of this? Any questions, concerns, or things I've missed? Please say so in the comments!

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