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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 20th South Carolina Republican primary results response

This is a little late, but the results this time maybe wasn't so disappointing; Trump came in 1st, and Cruz came in 2nd.

While Donald Trump is NOT against supporting parasite governments, the NDAA, Patriot Act, Bailouts, the Federal Reserve, or even the drug war, I've heard that he is against other wars (from what I've heard), will take action against Obamacare, doesn't take money from anyone else (from what I've heard), opposes NAFTA, is willing to work with Assad to combat ISIS (not that I like Assad) and of course, he opposes strict weapon laws (though I'm worried that he may oppose weapon laws selectively, as that he doesn't like Muslims very much. I don't know him personally, so I am not entirely sure if he just wants to restrict Muslim travel beyond necessity and put other restrictions on all of them without a fair, speedy trial for individuals or run a holocaust-style campaign of genocide).

For better information, look at my post about Iowa's February 2nd, 2016 caucus results.

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