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Monday, February 15, 2016

Trivia post: idea for new Star Wars TROOPS episode, why stormtroopers miss so much, plus Ikrit the "cat" Jedi & more

I'm sure that many of you already watched the "TROOPS" parody of the real-life TV show "COPS". While looking in the comments of a video called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Anakin chases Ahsoka Tano in tunnels [1080p]", I came across this one, which inspired me to think about a TROOPS episode for Coruscant-based shock troopers for the events depicted in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 5, Episode 18: To Catch a Jedi".

In this case, I would like to see the shock troopers doing what they do, and have the event of chasing Ahsoka Tano be depicted from the point of view of the troopers plus the fugitive's master himself (Anakin Skywalker). After their brief fight with Ahsoka and Asajj (, they get a quick breifing in the gunship, (and for comedic relief/comic relif,) are shown some other pictures of Ahsoka to get her appearance better set in their minds, and it just happens that those pictures not only include the season 1, 2 and 3 1/2 Ahsoka (yes, I admit, I liked the older appearance better, not that I have any problems with the newer appearance,), but also, some pictures that, let's just say, Anakin or Ahsoka wouldn't be particularly enthusiastic about the entire universe seeing those (a reference to what happened in Meet the Spy).

By the way, if I was in either Ahsoka's or Asajj's place, I would've picked up at least 1 blaster to both give me a ranged and less-than-lethal (with "stun" setting) option.
I'm also surprised that none of the troopers managed to shoot either Ahsoka or Asajj, especially with their fingers on the trigger the whole time (which is terribly unprofessional, irresponsible and outright dangerous, and is also demonstrated in many movies, tv shows, videogames, etc). The only logical reason that I can come up with is that the troopers didn't want to shoot any of their teammates in such close range and that chaotic of a situation. Even though they probably wouldn't die (assuming that their blasters are set to "stun" and none of their assailants attempt for do further harm to any of the troopers), it is not good to have a teammate knocked out of action.

I have more criques like the one above in "A few parallels between Star Wars & the New World Order, how Barriss stayed in the Jedi order, & more", and "Trivia post: Star Wars: is Anakin Skywalker good or evil, Anakin's Clones & Rise of the droids & how Shaak Ti could've defeated Grievous".

Why do stormtroopers miss so much?

I'm sure that most, if not all, of you know the Stormtrooper's reputation for being poor shots. There are many theories on why this happens, but I believe that the top 4 causes are armor design, training, morale and motivation.

As said on Stormtroopers vs Clone Troopers (Phase 1) and How Powerful Was The Galactic Empire?, stormtrooper training was sometimes rushed for human recruits, and while it wasn't as intense as clone troopers, the harshness of the training and being motivated with fear in turn undermined the morale of stormtroopers, and made them surprisingly incompetent when dealing with organized enemies such as the rebel alliance. When it comes to armor design, as shown on Why stormtroopers miss, it is a combination of both the helmet and body armor.

When it comes to the helmet, the wearer's field of view is extremely limited. I personally know a cop who went through simunitions (look it up if you're curious) training, and he had to wear a big helmet that only lets the wearer see straight forward with little to no peripheral vision. When it comes to the body armor, it is hard to properly shoulder a long gun (this may be partially corrected with an adjustable stock, but I am not sure if it can be fully corrected unless the stock was of the right length and had a rubber buttplate to reduce slipping), and thus, hard to properly aim.


My comment on "Who is Ikrit (The Cat Jedi)?".
No offense to Ikrit, his creators or fans, but I think that he looks like a fairy-tail character, not that I have any problem with him.

By the way, believe it or not, his species, the Kushiban, are lagomorphs, making them more related to rabbits or hares than to felines, such as cats.

What I would've done if I was an average Galactic Empire citizen.
I probably would've kept it with me, and possibly carry it if I can (if I can't or decide not to, I would keep it in storage for safekeeping). If possible, I would arrange for it to be donated to a rebel (a force-sensitive if possible) that can use it after I die (hopefully it could be recovered). Since it is a prohibited weapon that can be possessed under very narrow circumstances (ie working for the Imperial government), I would probably just as careful, if not, more careful than possessing a weapon in a country where the weapon is prohibited (ie operational machine guns in many developed and some developing countries).

Ideas for Utopia Federation action figure sets for "My Own Creation" modeling and stop-motion movie making.

Since I have yet to see good Hasbro-pattern action figures to represent the Utopia Federation (U.F.) forces, so I have ideas for substitutes and reasoning behind those ideas, especially since, as far as I know, Terminator action figures may not be the right scape compared to Hasbro pattern ones.

My idea for the substitute base model U.F. humanoid trooper would be an Old Republic Trooper repainted and re accessorized (let's pretend that their armor is a less-expensive variation of Clone Commando armor), with their main weapons being E-11 (standard issue) and DC-15 (designated marksmen/sniper) rifle copies, with heavy blaster pistols (mainly DL-44 variants) being issued as sidearms, rocket launchers and Z-6 rotary blasters for fire support and heavy fighting. Their primary vehicles would the the AT-AT, AT-TE, LAAT/i, STAP-1, and various speeder bikes.

For mechanical (droid) forces, they are pretty much copy-cats from the separatists; commando droids, magnaguards, Q-series droidekas, Homing spider droids, Dwarf spider droids, Crab droids, Hailfire droids, T-series tactical droids, B2-HAR super battle droids (R stands for "rocket", as that, via back mounted rockets, can fly like the Jump Droid and B2-RP Rocket droid) and sniper droidekas (this last one would be custom made). The main non-separatist droid would be the IG-82 sentinel/assassin droid.

The main infantry droids in use would be Magnaguards, B2-HAR, and to a shorter extent, IG-82's and Commando droids were used as regular infantry droids (Magnaguards were used for being good and robust warriors. B2-HAR's were used for their ability to both fly and launch homing torpedo's. IG-82's and Commando droids were more agile. IG-82's can see around them, while Commando droids can lead well.).

The main pilot droids were IG-82's, Commando droids and T-series tactical droids.
Sniper droidekas were mainly deployed as, of course, snipers, and defensive and support droids. Q-series droidekas were also used for both defense and support.

All others, being Crab, Hailfire, Homing spider and Dwarf spider droids were used in other battle roles.

The explanation for these substitutes was that they were part of the military reserve force, and thus, didn't get as much premium equipment. The government and military also refused to fund research and development for more advanced droids for financial reasons, so the military had private companies contract copies of already existing technology, including droids.

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